Who we are

Myheera.com was founded on 7th July 2015, registered under the company name “Myheera Infoline India Pvt.Ltd.” for sole purpose of consolidating world’s largest GEMS AND JEWELLERY INDUSTRY, known to be traditional and highly fragmented, by  bringing them under one roof of online platform for complete business solutions.

The group of promoters behind come from a strong corporate background, One, running a chain of 15 Super Speciality hospitals across India by name of "R.G.Stone urological hospital", brand with a Guiness book record for treating kidney stones with laser for last 27 years, dominant and pioneers in thier field of work. The brand is already in thier third round of investment. The Other promoter comes from business family, joining as the third generation to a family run jewellery house, owning a legacy of 60 years of exellence in manufacturing of precious stone jewellery for the european and american market from thier offices in delhi and jaipur. With the launch of her own labels in Jewellery, Solitaires and Fashion line in 17 years of her enterpreneurship, a new venture was laid in dec '2014 to start a much needed b2b for jewellery industry after much of research. With a strong knowledge in the industry and with the strong support of the promoters backgrounds, the project was taken aggressively.

The time and research that went into making the portal was more than two years of market survey by the promoters to check the need of a b2b platform for this industry. The result that we could see was that the industry which still runs on a touch and feel business model has now over a period of time matured enough to run transparent business model using today’s digital approach. The market statistics was gathered and we were shocked to see that such a vast industry which is robust and adds a good amount of value to the country’s GDP is only 4% organized and has a lot of scope of improvement and can be pushed but only if it could be done in a limited budget for them. New B2B inquiries,sourcing and New Buyers was limited to offline exhibitions with limited participants, limited time frame and limited space. Their was a need in the industry to create a space which could accommodate the entire chain of manufacturer, retailers wholesalers , traders and service providers from large, medium and small enterprises to a single click search engine, generating  leads through 24/7 online exhibition  . New business opportunities can be routed with a larger audience through networking and digital exchange of profiles and products and services on such platforms with a very limited budget.

Myheera launched its registration campaign on 1st of Aug 2015, opening its online registration form to the industry. A target was set to the team to achieve 5000 registered members before the opening of the site. The target was well achieved beyond the mark in the very first month and site was set to go live on 17th sep’2015.

Myheera will be hosting a huge database of buyers and sellers with their company details and services which they offer with a huge product catalogue and will ensure that this industry displays a more extensive details of their product for better sales conversions. To promote the industry to be available online, all kinds of help will be available from Myheera from product pictures, product uploads, product description formats, client demands and many more with live tutorials to train them to work online for better business openings.   

Myheera will be slowly and gradually be introducing many modules for promoting business within the industry and has extensive plans to bring traffic and maximum benefits to the members for b2b networking and business solutions.

Bringing third party verification for its paid suppliers was an important decision made at the very stage of the launch of the site to convince buyers at the other end to use Myheera’s stage.


Vision of the company states it loudly and is working aggressively to become world’s best and largest b2b marketplace for gems and jewellery industry with a state of the art search engine for complete business solutions. It aims to consolidate the entire value chain of this industry, where lakhs of diverse products will be listed with comprehensive and clear online presentation from the companies to generate qualitative leads to boost high conversion rates.