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On clicking this you will get a list of all the members registered with MYHEERA.COM. If you are not a member of this site this feature will not open the details of the member.

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Non Registered members coming on Myheera and now want to be a part of our huge database, click here and a form opens for registering with Myheera. Furnish your minimum details and be a part of MYHEERA. Once registered a verification is made from Myheera and once all details are valid and verified, you will be activated as a free listed member on the site.   

Featured Services

This option lists down the various services provided by MYHEERA.

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If you are looking for a specific product/services you can mention about the same here and we will forward your requirement and filter your best available solutions.

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You can filter your search category wise under this option


By clicking this option you will land to the page which opens the packages offered by MYHEERA.  Paid packages which we offer are Sterling silver, Fine Gold membership and Pure Platinum Membership .You can choose the package or services either the whole bundle or from ala carte to enjoy premium benefits as a member. All premuim paid members are b2b exihibitors with thier company catalogs and company profiles and will be selling and buying on Myheera actively.

Create Web Catalog

This feature Is for the paid member who can create their web catalog which is similar to a website from their dashboard , which comprises of homepage, about us, testimonial, news, job opening, banner images, events and exhibitions, corporate e-catalog.

Upload Products

After you sign in, through this option you can upload your products that you want should be visible on your page.

Buy Leads

MYHEERA will be forwarding the business leads to its Premuim members who are verified with complete criteria's fulfilled and this option is available with packages else we have an option to buy from ala-carte menu if you are not interested in memberships.

Post Star Products

Under this option, you can promote your company for a month in a limited budget of 5000/-, by listing one of your star product and increase your profile views within this huge B2B industry exhibition on MYHEERA.COM and get potential buyers.

Company Verification

MYHEERA intends to validate your business and for this we have introduced this feature of verifying the company listed with us. If you are a paid member with us, this verification is a feature already in your package where a third party (D& B) will be verifying members information through D&B's authentication and verification procedure. Myheera verification is also done along with that giving myheera verified seal. After receiving company documents verified seal will be provided to the company which will be displayed on his page. However if do you not want to take Gold/silver membership you can buy D&B  seal from A- La -carte menu, after fulfilling the verification criteria.

Buying house

This is one of the most special feature opening for the industry on Myheera which will bridge the gap between a buyer and a seller for national and international inquiries. Here a buyer can route his requirement through the buying house, which will take complete responsibility of buyer's orders and quality checks. This feature was opened to promote exports and promote Indian manufacturing industry in the world by taking a responsibility of complete satisfaction of products and services. Myheera takes its service charges for the same depending upon the size of order.

Member Support

This feature includes all the support that MYHEERA team can provide to its members.


A complete tutorial is uploaded to help you navigate this site. It is an easy tutorial which can be used if some feature is not understood by the user and also to give a basic understanding of the site.


These are the frequent asked questions answered by the team

Technical Support

Technical support will highlight the telephone numbers of MYHEERA which are available to a user for assistance in case he needs some kind of help to use the site.


On clicking this option you will be routed to a page which will ask for your name, email address and your phone number. A message box will be available where you can put your complain which will be sent to MYHEERA team and an action will be taken as soon as possible.


On clicking this option you will be routed to a page which will ask for your name, email address and your phone number. A message box will be available where you can put your feedback which will be sent to MYHEERA team and will be taken under consideration.

Personal Manager

A personal manager is assigned on the personal dashboard only to the premium and paid members .This manager will provide all possible technical assistance to its member and will be available to the member for any other query related to MYHEERA.

Contact us

This feature mentions the address and contact numbers of MYHEERA Infoline India Pvt Ltd.

Our categories

This feature includes all the categories of MYHEERA. It is inclusive of the gems and jewellery industry as well as its allied sectors. You can choose your interest category and proceed further

Events and Exhibitions

Under this option you can see the list of events and exhibitions of the Gems and Jewellery industry happening around the world. A paid member also has the option to promote his personal exhibition under this section.

Job Openings

This feature will list the available job in this industry. A member can post his job requirement on his dashboard which will be directed to this cateogary. Anybody looking for a job in this industry can go on this option and select if something is of his interest and can then contact the member who has posted the particular job.


Dashboard is the main page of the company which displays everything about the company. This page is handled by the company itself and no one else has the access to make this page. This page displays the Company name, logo, address ,membertype and the seals of the company. The Enquiries made by the company for any kind of product/services are also listed here under the caption MY ENQUIRIES . Under the title MY LEADS, all the leads sent to the member by MYHEERA are listed, the member can see little details of the enquiry, and if he is interested in any of these he can buy it ,or if it is already part of his package it will be deducted from his leads package.

As told earlier, dashboard also mentions about the package that the member has purchased. Here only he has the choice to upgrade his package or take some extra services available in the a-la carte menu.


On clicking Product, the member will reach the page from where he can upload his products with the details of the same. It will ask for a few details of the product, its price ,quantity available payment terms, shipment time etc. On filling this simple form , the product will be uploaded and visible on the site.

Contact Profile

When this option is clicked, the member is directed to the form page he filled earlier, showing his company name and address , contact numbers and his profile pic. If the user wishes to change his details or his profile picture he can do so through this option.

Company Profile

Under this title, one can upload company name , company logo, turnover, number of employees etc. Here you need to fill in about the company , your trade category, and also a brief description about the company. One needs to fill the mandatory option as they are important, but it is always better to give as much detail about your company as you can because it helps the buyer to assess the company as he has more details to go through.

Web catalog

A web catalog of your company is automatically created when you fill in information about your company in your dashboard. It includes all the basic information needed to create a webpage, including the pictures you will upload.

a) Homepage
On clicking this icon, you will be routed to the page wherein you have to fill in your company details. It is a formatting box, and certain tools are provided to help you write the description in the way you want to, and can make the description look more attractive.

b) About us
Under this title, a page will open which will give you an option to fill something more that you would like to describe about it. You can give a heading to this paragraph in the column TITLE. In the DESCRIPTION column you can fill something about the company like achievements , awards or about the founders of the company, growth of the company etc. All these things can be summarized under this box. The STATUS icon can be clicked active or inactive depending on you whether you want to make this visible or not. On submitting this form this description will be added on your ABOUT US column.

c) Testimonial
Testimonials are formal statements testifying a company's character and achievements. People give reviews of the company which is listed under this title. You can click this option and add the testimonials given to your company by an individual or a company. You can also link some online testimonial on this page. A link can be created which will lead a person looking into your company testimonials to read everything written about you and your company.

d) News
As a premium member you have the facility to upload any news about your business that you would like to share with your clients and our site.

e) Jobs Opening
Under this section a company can post its job opening. If a company is looking for a candidate for a particular job in his company, he can post his requirement on his dashboard which will be listed on the main page under JOBS title. If someone is looking for a job in this industry , he can browse through this section and find a job suiting his need and get in touch with the company.The job opening of your particular company will be highlighted on your dashboard, but a mix of all the job opening posted by different companies will be visible on MYHEERA main page.

f) Banner Images
You can upload your company banner to make your dashboard look more attractive.

g) Events and Exhibitions
A company can update news of his company , like new product launch , opening of new showroom, change in company policy or some general news that they want to publish on their web catalog and their dashboard. They can also post about exhibitions they are participating in India or abroad. They can mention all the details of the exhibition and also upload an image either their company logo or the exhibition logo. An option of uploading image is given to make it more visible to the person going through the company's web catalog

h) Corporate E- catalog
it’s a PDF format of their product catalogue and company profile that can be uploaded and used as a company profile for their clients.

i) Keyword

Product Catalog

Under Product catalog ,all the products uploaded by a company are visible here. Two categories come under Product catalog:

a) Product
Here you can upload the pictures you have available with you for others to have a look at and decide if they want to do business with you or not. By putting pictures it becomes simpler for a buyer to judge what kind of work you do and if solves his purpose, he will get in touch with you. Here you also get an option of Exclusive Deals where if you wish to put some special product for sale at a good price,you can click on this option and post your deal which will be highlighted on the homepage. If someone clicks on the deal and in interested in the sale,he can get in touch with the company through MYHEERA.

b) Category
Under this title, you can make a category of your products like Rings , bracelets etc and put pictures of the same under that group. Multiple pictures can come under one category.


If you are looking for a specific product/service and have made an enquiry of the same or if some other member is looking for you and has made an enquiry to you, ENQUIRY title will have it listed under it. So if you want to see who has made an enquiry to you or if you have made some enquiry to someone, you can click Enquiry and see the details.


Any inquiry coming on myheera is filtered by the team and sent to the designated supplier/service provider depending on the lead package.. This enquiry becomes a lead for the supplier/ service provider and if he is a paid member , he can redeem the lead from his package and if he is a free member he can buy the lead from A-La Carte.

Few Icons and seals visible on the member’s page are
  • Member type : There are three kinds of memberships available - FREE, STERLING SILVER and FINE GOLD.
  • Big Supplier Seal : This seal is given to the company which can take bulk orders and has the capacity to produce large. This seal can be bought from A- La Carte
  • D&B verified seal : This seal is given to the company which Is verified by our third party ( DUN and Bradstreet) .It is included in the silver and gold package and can also be bought from A- La Carte.
  • Couture Seal : This seal is given to the company making couture jewellery. If a vendor feels he fits into this cateogary he can buy this seal.