FAQs List

If someone places an order, will that be routed through MYHEERA?

MYHEERA plans to open its B2C interface very soon in which a buyer can buy directly through the site. In that case payment is routed through MYHEERA and remains secure with us till the transaction is complete and satisfactory. Else the buyer and seller can decide their own payment terms and transactions in which MYHEERA will not interfere.


Why there is no reply to my queries sent to the vendor?

Reasons for no response to any queries is that your query was not clear enough for vendor to understand. You can try resending it or you can post it in the buy request area for other suppliers dealing in this product/service to contact you. Also few vendors have slow response tendencies, due to which they take time. We do have response rating given to suppliers, you can always check that before deciding a supplier.


How many pictures can I upload on MYHEERA?

You can upload 50 pictures as a free listed member, 200 pictures as a Silver member, 400 pictures as a Gold member and 600 pictures as a Platinum Member


What is your Buying House?

Buying House in your secured online broker to bring buyer and seller closer with all possible solution to bring trust in terms of quality, payment , logistics and on time shipment. Buying house charges a small percentage fees on sale depending on the gross merchandise value and related category. Buying House deals in many National and international inquiries where Myheera helps buyers get all the support to get best prices and quality comparison from thosands of listed suppliers without any hassles and worry of thier verifications. ...

Who can become Buying House members?

Members looking for buying and selling on this trading platform with our complete involvement can be buying house members but this membership has restricted norms. To state a few:
1. Clean and clear terms and conditions for business 
2. 100% Registered and verified company
3. High credit report 
4. Quality products and services.
5. Clear payment terms.
6. Ready to work through Myheera Escrow Safe for securing payments if asked for....

Will Myheera take responsibility of any Fraud in any transactions?

If transaction is routed through our Buying House with our involvement, Myheera can secure your Payment in the Myheera Escrow Safe account before the deal is complete and upto the satisfaction of the Buyer. This can save frauds to a great extent where we help you as a thrid party in between, rest if transactions are getting handled directly between both the parties under thier decided terms and conditions, we do not take responsibilty in that....