India has been the land of the most precious and unique pieces of jewelry and gemstones. With an origin as old as 5,000 years ago jewelry has not only been a piece of attraction or adornment but has been an art and craft of centuries of hard work and imagination. We have jewelry of all kinds and for every kind of occasion.  Read More
Amber is a gem that has existed since the Neolithic era. The stone is purely organic and is made up from fossilized resin from trees and animals that have been trapped in to the resin and ultimately contribute to the natural beauty of Amber.  Read More
With Jewelry manufacturers and artists majorly being dominated by men it was unseen of women take charge of the empire of jewels. But this statement was proved otherwise by Mrs. Charlotte Newman who began her career as early as the 1860's when women jewelry manufacturers were unheard and unseen. She opened a jewelry outlet by herself although she was much qualified and had won numerous accolades for herself over the years.  Read More
In an age where technological advancement and progressiveness has become the name of the game, one cannot avoid it. With the digital age of today sweeping us off our feet, our every aspect of life has become influenced by the magical powers of technology.  Read More
The owner of Rosy’s Blue Harshad R. Mehta is a true gem of a person. Born on the day India was freed from the shackles of the British Empire (15th August, 1947).  Read More
With sparkling diamonds weighing more than 75.36 carats this diamond marvel is one of the classiest and beautiful pieces of jewelry set to be laid eyes upon.  Read More
Art is associated with creation and beauty and is the conception of the inner world of the artist. A piece of art is the rendition or a tribute by the artist into the world where emotions are difficult to capture and portray it in a more articulate manner. It has the stamp of the artist’s identity imprinted on it.  Read More
Jewelry manufacturing has been one of the oldest professions to have known since time immemorial and is a significant part of gems and jewelry making.  Read More
Handmade Jewelry to be simply put is a piece of jewelry that is crafted by the hands of a person rather than with the use of machines, lathes, drills or any kind of external equipment used for jewelry manufacture.  Read More
One of the most robust jewelry materials to have taken the jewelry market by storm is none other than Palladium whose name is coined after the asteroid Pallas, which itself originates from the epithet of the Greek goddess Athena, obtained by her when she slayed Pallas.  Read More
India has been the land of royalty for a long time where kings and princes have ruled and invaders have eventually settled. It’s natural for India to harbor jewels that have crowned these kings and princes who have graced India with their supreme leadership skills.  Read More
The saga of Van Cleef & Arpels was initiated by Louis Arpel who had a passion for ballet imitated in his jewelry patterns. This tradition was continued by his cousin Claude Arpels along with George Balanchine where they further continued to work on the concept of ballet jewels initially outlined by the genius himself.  Read More
One of the pioneering technologies to be introduced in to the world of jewelry making was the invisible setting technique that originated and developed in France more than two centuries ago. In this intricate but very unique jewelry setting technique the grooves which defined as a long, narrow cut or depression in a hard material, in each stone's girdle is slipped into a metal framework below the surface.  Read More
The ‘secret abyss’ is a true labor of love from Hong Kong based jewelry artisan Wllace chan who have crafted this technological and aesthetic masterpiece with all the marvelous and utterly outstanding qualities one could ask for. Revealed as the “Carving Prodigy from Asia” the Secret Abyss, the experimentation used for crafting this marvel has transformed the meaning of jewelry in to a form of art.  Read More
As a gem trader, buyer, seller, wholesaler who is selling or buying gems, diamonds & jewelery from Surat to San Francisco or say from Lahore to London or from New Delhi to New Jersey there is always a better way of doing your small or enterprise business across the world for gems, jewelery, diamonds in 2016.  Read More
The saga of pearls goes back to millions of years ago when sea divers decided to bring dainty and shiny looking precious treasures of the sea from underneath the sparkling waters of the Persian gulf wherein while capturing some shells in to their nets, they discovered when they chanced upon opening the shells of the oysters, they came across a white heavenly and divine look shine that emanated from the depth of the ocean.  Read More
Jewelry is a very personal statement of an individual and showcases the personality of a person. This independence and freedom in terms of jewelry is given entirely by the masterpiece jewelers John Rubel. A blend of boldness, vividness and a Diaspora of colors John Rubel have established itself through its groundbreaking work in the field of jewelry craftsmanship and excellence that has a festive fervor rendered in to it.  Read More
Lesedi La Rona also called as “Our Light in the Tswana language belonging to the city of Botswana located in Africa is a one of the most exceptional, rarest and unique rough diamond to be discovered by the Lucara Diamond Corp in November, 2015 at the Karowe mine situated in Botswana itself.  Read More
June 10 2016
The Cullinan Diamond was a largest high quality and spectacularly looking diamond that was weighing 3,106.75 carats (621.350 g). This gigantic piece of rare diamond was found in the Premier No. 2 mine which was located in the outskirts of Pretoria, South Africa, on the 26 January 1905.  Read More
June 11 2016
Jewelry in the present generation is merely not a piece of jewelry, but more than that. In the gems and jewelry market of today, jewelry is worn not just as an adornment or to accentuate the overall look and personality of a person, but has a greater and a larger purpose over for the future times to come.  Read More
June 10 2016
RJC Members work towards independently reviewing against the RJC Code of Practices – an international standard that sheds light upon the accountable and genuine business practices for diamonds, gold and the group metals of platinum.  Read More
Colored gemstones are the new age choice for the youth for its variety, quality and exquisite cuts in different shapes and sizes. The market for colored stones is increasing at an alarming rate. This is supported by the fact that record prices are being conquered by colored gemstones like rubies and sapphires.  Read More
Cartier is a design house that includes French designs, manufactures, distributes and sells jewellery and watches. Cartier was originally discovered in Paris, France during 1847 by French businessman and watchmaker by the name of Louis-François Cartier whose designer watches eventually became a rage globally.the company remained under family control until 1964.  Read More