About Us

Founded by two motivated young entrepreneurs- Anish Gangwal and Vaibhav Dhandia, INCOCU is revolutionizing the way that jewelry is bought and sold online. The young founders are management degree holders who met at Babson College while doing MBA and realized that they shared the same passion of providing a superior shopping experience to jewelry buyers worldwide. Even though together their families have more than 130 years of experience in the Gems and Jewelry industry, these bright individuals felt that there had been little innovation in the industry since the past 200 years. A fully customized jewelry piece can take up to 6 weeks to reach the customer. INCOCU came into existence where customers can style their jewelry as per their needs within a matter of minutes.

Traditional jewelry designers are expensive and it takes months to go from an idea to the final product. We at INCOCU will save our customers’ time and money by making them the only jewelry designs they need. With our easy-to-use online customization platform, customers become the designers, saving them hundreds of dollars as well as weeks of unnecessary waiting.

INCOCU is a customization platform that allows the customer to select a jewelry design and change the gemstone color, metal type, stone shape, and even the carat weight of the center stone. Our in-house design consultants would help the customers in creating their perfect piece of fine jewelry. At INCOCU, we believe in taking care of our customers by giving them an increasingly personalized shopping experience as well as communicating to them the story behind their design, a brief overview of the designer behind their design, as well as providing them details about their gemstone coupled with an impeccable customer service.