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FAQs List

What is MYHEERA all about?

MYHEERA is the largest online B2B marketplace connecting buyers to their suppliers in one single window. It will connect all areas of the industry to serve each other and will give them a platform to run their business on a larger marketplace with diverse variety of products which cannot be brought under one roof in an offline base.
One single requirement put in the portal will get everything rolling on an auto mode. So when we give a transparent healthy business environment to this industry, a potential buyer can be converted....

What is the objective of this site?

The suppliers in Indian gems and Jewellery industry are highly fragmented but being a highly robust manufacturing country it still lacks from its counterparts in the developed world. Considering the statistics of online world, and seeing the potential growth in this unorganized sector, the sole motive of this site is to organize this huge industry and help them to make it more technology driven, cost effective with larger visibility to promote sales to global levels. By bringing the SME’s and larger enterprises to a consolidated window we will be able to give bigger and better choice to the buyers to decide their investments on any supplier....

How is this site beneficial to me?

a) You have your industry search engine to serve your daily business needs with diverse choices and competitive prices from suppliers in just one click on MYHEERA from any region of the country.
b) Suppliers can use it as an online sales platform where you can exhibit your products to get buyers, so if 100 people know of your product this site will increase your company and product visibility to three folds.
c) Within the portal one can increase their company ranking by using our functionalities and promotions, which is limited on a generic search engine.
d) In this B2B marketplace we will be pushing the entire industry to channelize their sales to their new potential buyers around the globe and Compete with more organized and transparent players for better conversions....

Are there any charges to register my name on this site?

Registrations are free of charge on the site. You will be asked to furnish few details in the form which will verify your industry and your category, post which a basic verification will be done and a unique username and password will be given to you to use the site freely....

How do I sell on this site?

Once you are a member of this site, a personal dashboard will be given to you. Here you can profile your company details and products that you wish to showcase your buyers. We have membership packages available to push your business and your company ranking which gives better visibility into a buyer’s eyes. Myheera will be 24/7 generating inquires for the industry through leads and requirement from the buyers and will filter it directly to the right suppliers. You will be now in a virtual exhibition and can enhance your business by holding a big space in this industry’s search engine....

How is your website different from other websites in the market?

a) MYHEERA .COM is a dedicated b2b portal facilitating the world’s largest  Gems and  Jewellery industry in one single window.
b) It is always better for a company to be listed from generic search to industry specific Search where one can promote their visibility in a cost effective budget.
c) We aim to bring the largest database to bring the maximum business within the industry on global platform.                    
d) It is a member restricted site, unique username password is needed to access the suppliers.
e) A very user friendly interface to make it easy for those who find it difficult to get online for business.
f) Everything related in the gems and jewellery sector will be available in this one click window
g) In limited budget one can promote their business better than on offline exhibition.    ...

I am a small retailer I don’t need it, it’s of no use to me?

It will be useful to retailers whether in small business or a large enterprises in both ways, one by using it as a search engine to find your business requirements and secondly by selling to newer clients on global platform as online is a space watched by thousands of buyers around the globe at a single point of time ....

Do u promise me any sales after getting listed?

Our company doesn’t  promise any kind of sales but yes we will provide you with the valuable leads which can be converted in sales for sure....

Do you charge for any sales commission from the members?

Myheera will not be involved in any transactions between the buyer and the seller, but we do involve in between Buying house members for all buying and selling along with certain sales fees for all sales done through Buying house. Here we give them 100% solution for logistics, quality assurance with payment protection....

If I get the leads from other countries, how will I deal. I don’t have the import/export license?

It will be your choice how to deal. You have to decide the terms & conditions with your buyer. Its good to have import/export license it will always help you to increase your business....